Add a Library Account Login Window to Eagle Online!

Would you like to add this login window for HCC library accounts to your Eagle Online course?

Here are the steps to follow to build the block in your EO course -

·        Select the entire code snippet found at this link
·        Choose to copy your selection (Ctrl-C)
·        Back in Eagle Online (make sure you have editing turned on!) - from the Blocks tab, choose to add an HTML block
·        Go to the new HTML block
·        Click on the Configuration option
·        Type in a Block Title- Your Library Account is suggested
·        Click on the Toggle HTML Source button on the editor’s toolbar. It looks like this- < >
·        Paste (Ctrl-V) in the code snippet. You can ignore or replace any bits of code already in the content area.
·        Save changes at the bottom
·        View the results! Your HTML block should now look like the image shown here
·        Note- the same code snippet can be used to add the content to any HTML page you wish!

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