Thursday, April 14, 2016

Books? Yes, We Have Them!

When was the last time you read a book?! Even though we have access to more and more information on the Web or through our databases, there are times when nothing beats the convenience and thorough coverage that a book offers. More on how to find the right ones for your projects and papers (or just good, fun reading!) below.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Need Help? Ask a Librarian!

HCC librarians are proud to announce that we have expanded our Ask a Librarian service to give you more ways to reach us. You can ask us questions via:
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone/Text (text us at (713) 568-9582)
So, if you need to chat with a librarian online, we're usually here for you Monday-Thursday from 8am-4pm and Fridays from 12noon-2pm, so drop in and chat with us!

What kind of things can a librarian help you with? Here are just a few:
  • finding sources of information for a paper or presentation
  • citing your sources properly so that you don't plagiarize accidentally
  • finding excellent articles by using the HCC Library databases from home
  • much, much, more!
Ever use the Ask a Librarian service? Leave a comment and let us know what you think if you have used it, or why you don't if you don't!

What and Where are Reserves??

Reserves (or course reserves) are textbooks, articles, videos, DVDs and other materials that instructors place at the circulation desk in the library to ensure that every student in the class has a chance to use them. Usually materials on reserve may be borrowed for 2 hours.

You can search HCC's online library catalog for reserves by course number or by the instructor's name by going to the homepage at
and choosing "Course Reserves" below the search box in the middle of the page as shown below -


If you don't find the reserve materials you are looking for, AskALibrarian!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Your Key to the HCC Libraries!

In order to access some HCC library resources you need a HCC Library barcode number. This number is required for:
  • off-campus access to electronic books (ebooks)
  • off-campus access to our subscription databases of journal, magazine, and newspaper articles
  • renewing your books from our online catalog
  • requesting books from any HCC library from the library online catalog
If you are an enrolled HCC student, you already have a library barcode number assigned to you. The number is located on your HCC photo ID card and is listed in your online student account, under the "Demographic Data" link. Check this page for all the details! You can also stop by your HCC library for more information or contact us at AskALibrarian.

If you need to check out books or other items from the HCC libraries, you will need an HCC photo ID card. These are made at various campuses, generally at the campus welcome center or security office. Just check with the HCC location nearest you for details. If you already have a photo ID or a gray library card, these barcode numbers may still be valid for remote access, but a photo ID is required for item check-out .